Broadside Mummers was formed around 30 years ago by a group of regulars at the Broadside Folk Club in Portsmouth. Each year we put on a play in the pubs in and around the Portsmouth area. We started life performing traditional plays, but we are lucky (?) enough to have one of our number who has written many new, traditional style  plays, which we now perform. The main purpose is to collect money for local charities, to which we have given many thousands of pounds over the years (last year we gave £2800) thanks to the generosity of our audiences and all the landlords who regularly support us.

Secondary to this is the fact that we have a damn good time doing it!

Our main charity over the last few years has been the the Elizabeth Foundation at Cosham, Portsmouth who do wonderful work with deaf children and their families and deserve every penny we can collect for them.

So please come and see us and if you have enjoyed the entertainment, please be generous when we pass the hat round at the end of the play, the wonderful people at the Elizabeth Foundation will be very grateful!

We look forward to seeing you during our short but hectic season.


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