The doctor put’s his

hand up the maids dress

who is laying dead upon  the

Floor and pulls out a rubber

chicken.. This seems to disturb

the maid even though she is

supposed to be dead!

The one legged sailor, marvels at the

doctors ability to produce rubber

chickens from a ladies nether region and

offers him a summer season at the Old

Pirates Benevolent Society.

On hearing of the Doctors good fortune, the

man dressed as a woman pretending to be

a man “comes out” and offers to run away

with him............

The “dead” tart is now

beginning to get a bit fed

up with the lack of attention

and the rest of the cast can’t

do anything until the doctor

at least sets a tooth, so are

getting drunk at the bar.

The remains of Broadside Mummers

being  loaded into a Police van.

The Doctor meanwhile, now has the attention

of the crowd and is “performing tricks”

with the rubber chicken. He is refusing to

“set a tooth “ or “draw a leg” and continues

to play up to the crowd.

OK, so we are having a few problems displaying the photos,

(mainly because I am a cheapskate and wont pay for web hosting) so I am going to have to describe them to you.........